Dear Friends,

I write to you today with gratitude and resolve, because as my friend, supporter and early campaign investor, I wanted you to hear directly from me that I have made the decision to end my campaign for Mayor of Atlanta. Please know I did not make this decision lightly, and what burdened me most was the thought that by ending this bid for Mayor, I might be letting you down.

My decision was made even more difficult since your encouragement and support showed me that we could have successfully reached City Hall together. However, I have struggled to stay focused on the campaign, continue to help run our family’s small businesses, serve out my last year as a member of the Georgia Legislature, and enjoy time with my wonderful husband and two sons. I cannot dedicate the necessary time to this campaign while also being the business owner and mother that I want to be and that my staff and sons deserve.

I began this journey after ending a decade of service as a State Representative. I chose to run for Mayor of Atlanta in order to redirect my passion for public service towards a larger and more impactful role for this City.

While I have ultimately decided not to further pursue the campaign, my journey from March until now has been reaffirming. The support I received from individuals like yourself shows what a wonderful city and state we live in, full of citizens who are willing to work tirelessly for good, innovative governance. Reconnecting with people and engaging in open dialogue about this city’s strengths and weaknesses have been my favorite moments of the campaign, and for that, I will be forever grateful for the memories you have given me.

I hope you understand how difficult this decision has been for me and know how much I value your support and friendship.

With deep appreciation,